Get Your Picnic On With This Futuristic Basket

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The future is already here. Are you ready to get your picnic on?

Madrid design studio Atelier Teratoma has somehow managed to combine the two in this futuristic back-mounted picnic basket design. The picnic basket has a casing of white plastic, internal speakers, USB charging ports, a Bluetooth-connected screen, and a solar panel, to ensure that you are always connected wherever you go. So even if you leave planet Earth, you’ll be covered.

Oh yes, the basket also incorporates a space to hold two metallic silver pillows, for that special Space Age feel. It also features cupholders for those essential glasses of lemonade that no picnic can go without.The designers explain tailoring their concept for an urban environment as follows:

Traditionally the picnic is associated with the search of natural environments to share a meal. But what happens when we bring this idea to a context defined by hard pavements, congestion and new ways of communication? We believe that today the natural setting for a picnic should be the epicenter of the city: the square, and if you really like to have picnics you can also learn about other type of of baskets you can get online, learn more about this here.

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Source: Hypebeast