Keeping Your Car in Shape: Top Signs You Need a New Car Battery

Owning a vehicle is a labor of love and your work is never done. 

Buying a new car battery is among the many points of repair that you will need to deal with at some point as a car owner. But how do you know when it’s time to call it quits with your current battery and buy a new one?

Below are a few signs that you’ll need to buy a new battery. 

1. Your Car Won’t Start

So how do you know when you need a new car battery?

The number one sign that you need one is if your vehicle flat out won’t start. When your car won’t start it’s usually either the engine or the battery. If it’s the engine, you’ll notice something going wrong during the combustion process. 

If the problem lies with the battery, you’ll usually get silence and the engine won’t engage at all, because the vehicle doesn’t have enough electrical power to start. 

2. The Check Engine Light Is On

Ah, the dreaded check engine light. 

While this is the most common indicator that something is wrong with your vehicle, it also can point to any number of problems that are going on, so you’ll have to do some digging. 

Check the code that is triggered by your check engine light. You can do this by purchasing a diagnostic tool or taking your vehicle to the repair shop to get checked. 

If the code readout refers to the battery, it’s time to get a new one. 

3. The Headlights Are Dim

When your battery power is low, it’ll have trouble feeding adequate electricity to all of the fixtures. 

The headlights will be the most noticeable. If they are dim, blinking or struggling to stay lit, this is a sign that you need a new battery. 

4. You Hear a Clicking Sound and the Engine Is Slow to Crank Up  

If the car starts clicking when you’re turning the key, it’s because the battery isn’t sending enough power to the starter. This clicking noise is the result of this low power and a sign that you need to get a brand new battery. 

For best results, take your car to the shop to get your battery measured. The Fort Lauderdale mobile mechanic will either suggest getting the battery charged or buying a new one altogether. 

5. The Battery Itself Is Swollen or Low on Fluid

When your battery is overheated or dying, it will start swelling or even leaking fluid. 

Rather than continuously taxing it and adding more wear and tear, you need to cut your losses and buy a new one. In these situations, it may also start leaking and corroding, which can do damage to your battery cables as well. 

Either way, the battery will soon fail to start. 

Invest in a New Car Battery

When you are interested in buying a new car battery, there are a number of things you telltale signs but if what you are looking now is a new car we recommend the vehicle service special that can be find online. Pay attention to these notes above and don’t hesitate to visit a car shop that can help you. 

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