Forget About Battery Packs, Kraftwerk Is A Gas Portable Charger

There are quite a number of battery packs in the market, ranging in size, shape,and capacity. But there some who are really trying to push the boundaries of that portable battery concept. Take for example Kraftwerk, a fuel cell-fueled power pack that relies only on gas, freeing you from being stuck to walls for weeks. In fact, since it uses gas, Kraftwerk itself doesn’t need to be recharged like your typical portable battery, completely freeing you from the electric outlet. Soon you won’t have to run around from cafe to cafe, looking for spots to plug your electronics in.

Kraftwerk’s fuel cells are powered by gas. All a user has to do is squirt in a measure of lighter fuel or camping gas, and the company claims you’ll be able to refill an iPhone 11 times over. There is no need to worry about dangerous materials, Kraftwerk has been designed to be safe to use in any condition. In fact, it claims to be FFA approved so that you can use it inside airplanes, whether empty or fueled. I don’t know about you, but I am sold.

The Kickstarter pitch is light on most of the serious details, but seeing as the company has already destroyed its initial $500,000 goal, we can expect to see more when this launches in December. Of course, if you want to get in ahead of the line, you can still pledge $99 to get a unit by February of 2016.

Source: SlashGear