Drone Firefighters and Emergency Wifi? Now There Is!

When drones were first introduced as a commercial product, companies have asked how it can be applied elsewhere. With CEO’s like Jeff Bezos of Amazon, among others, looking for other ways to put them to work. Starting off as a tool for aerial observation both militarily and commercially, the possibilities have grown immensely.

While technology accelerates, so too do the ideas of what drones can be used for in a rapidly changing society. And for rescue services, having smarter services can mean the difference between life and death. It’s here that Automated technology can make a profound difference on people, communities and cities.

AES – Automated Emergency Services; Drone rescue

Automated Fire Surveillance

4G and wifi connections sound excellent for rescue drones, but how does that fit in with Firefighting? Few people take into consideration that when a fire happens, more than just the insides go up in smoke. The structural integrity of the building puts countless numbers of people at risk in and around the neighbouring area.

Nokia has introduced a prototype for an autonomous drone, which is capable of assessing fires while airborne. This capability would allow for it to be used to see whether a building poses a risk of collapsing. Buying fire watch services options saves your precious time to conduct rescue operations in a safer, smarter way.

Flying COW’s? – Drone-Based Wifi

During Hurricane Maria, hundreds of thousands of people were left stranded with no way of contacting family or rescue services. This tragedy is what compelled AT&T to develop and apply Drone’s equipped with 4G capability and cable power connections.

These features allowed it to fly over areas affected by the hurricane, providing them with internet and phone access. And with a constant power connection, these Flying ‘Cell on Wings’ are able to operate uninterrupted, 24/7.