DJ Afrojack Hits 200MPH in a Bugatti Like It’s No Big Deal

Dutch DJ Nick van de Wall — aka Afrojack — has a thing for fast cars. So much so that he recently got his fix behind the wheel of a very fast Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse World Record Edition. He let it loose on the track and took the car up to 201 mph.

There were only 8 of these cars ever made, so the chance to drive one is rare, to say the least. It’s unclear who this one belongs to, but there’s a possibility it’s Afrojack’s latest purchase.

Bugatti Veyron WRC

He is currently ranked as the 7th highest paid DJ in the world, according to Forbes. He spends some of that hard-earned cash on some very nice cars. A Ferrari 458 Italia and a Lamborghini Aventador have both graced his garage, and been driven hard on the street. Too hard, possibly, since he totaled his Ferrari.

Afrojack got over the pain of his lost Ferrari by purchasing a shiny new Audi R8, but didn’t get to drive that one long before he ran into more trouble. No, he didn’t wreck the car, but he did lose his license driving the Aventador at way above the posted speed limit.

At the end, though, it looks like it all worked out just fine for him. In spite of going almost 195 mph in a roadster with nothing more than a baseball cap for protection. Note: we suggest you wear a helmet. But seriously.


Source: Yahoo Autos

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