Autonomous Pods

Commuter Pod-Racing? Autonomous Vehicles Make Their Way to London!

Once again, reality opens its doors to another realm of what was once science fiction generations before. We’ve seen them brought to cinema screens for years but across the world and now in London. Autonomous cars and transports are fast moving from the pages of fiction to the roads and streets of our cities!

On the streets of Greenwich, this weekend was the usual congregation of people, but alongside them: an autonomous pod. According to Worktech, while wide-scale rollout of these vehicles is due for 2020, the demo has been a welcome spectacle. While the pod is only an example of future travel for the residents of Greenwich. The prospects for the next few years are mind-blowing when considering the fantasy and fiction that piloted its creation.

Autonomous Pods – an Automatic Commute to the future

“There is no question that connected, and autonomous vehicles are coming. What we’re going to see soon, are these vehicles on public roads.”

During the demonstrations over this weekend, simulated trips between Greenwich Peninsula and Thames Clipper Pier. Demonstrating how future transportation will transform the ecosystem of micro-commuting. While being used in the South-East of London, success here implies widespread use across the UK.

And while used for short trips, it’s only a matter of time before the principle is applied over longer trips and larger scales. The principles that make automated travel possible apply to larger transports. This fact means that the future may see automatic buses transporting commuters into urban areas.

Pod-Commuting: How is it possible?

GATE-way, the company behind the project, seeks to overcome the logistics and transport issues within urban centres. The technology behind these pods is what makes them even more incredible to behold. Using sensors, Artificial Intelligence and cutting edge machine learning, the pods can take into account variables for urbanised areas.

By the companies own account, this makes the chances of accidents as minimal as possible. GATE-way has officially made history in London as providing the first multiple-point delivery system for commuters. And, with trials ongoing for driverless grocery delivery in the same borough: the future is convenient, exciting and mind-blowing.