Blockchain starter plan launched by IBM

IBM’s new blockchain product is a cheaper alternative its current enterprise plan for firms looking to develop blockchain applications.

This week, IBM announced Blockchain Starter Services, Blockchain Acceleration Services and Blockchain Innovation Services at its IBM Think technology conference in Las Vegas. The company has been on a mission over the last couple of years to bring blockchain to the enterprise. If one were to venture furhter on blockchain technology and check that, they’d know that these new solutions further that mission by providing a way to scale, provide interoperability and migrate.

“It is important to understand that not all blockchains are created equal. For broad business and government use, enterprise blockchains are needed which meet fundamental requirements. They must be: built on open standards, scalable and enterprise secure, and developed with industry expertise by convening new ecosystems,” Jason Kelley, general manager for blockchain services at IBM, wrote in a post.

The custom blockchain development service is designed to help organizations understand key challenges and prioritize the appropriate business use case for blockchain. The Blockchain Acceleration Services will provide governance and commercial models, systems integration and process reengineering. The Blockchain Innovation Services will offer consulting and technical expertise as well as work to combine technologies like AI, automation, IoT and cloud to the blockchain.

“Based on hundreds of projects across industries such as retail, banking and financial services, transportation, government, healthcare, media, supply chain and logistics, IBM Blockchain Services has developed methodologies and practice models to support all types of organizations at different phases of the blockchain adoption journey. This varies from establishing a blockchain network, to evolving to a multi-institution production network, or extending an established network to additional members and adding new applications,” Kelley wrote.

The new blockchain system is still in beta mode, and startups can use it for free until the full launch. The company has not revealed what it will charge for this blockchain plan.

Source: SD Times