Luxe Brings Designated Drivers To Your Smartphone

Making your phone the designated driver is a smart thing for road safety.

Luxe is a fast-growing startup that uses a phone’s GPS to offer a personal parking valet in congested areas. They are now expanding their service to driving customers home—in their own cars—when they’ve had a few too many drinks. It doesn’t quite get any better than that. Luxe understands that driving is what you enjoy doing. As for the cons, parking, running errands, getting back to your car after a day of exploring the city. These make people avoid driving, especially in condense cities like San Francisco. Luxe gets rid of those cons by doing them for you!

The Drive Home service is available in the San Francisco area, and will grab your car from one of the company’s parking lots, pick you up, and drive you home for $25 plus $3 per mile. This may not be the first designated-driver service, but it’s one of the first to automate it with a smartphone, and provide $5 million of insurance coverage for the ride. It’s always nice to have options and have other ways to call rides besides using Uber.

The idea with the Drive Home service is to give people a reason to use Luxe in the evening and weekend, said CEO Curtis Lee. The company is planning to expand its parking service to New York, Philadelphia, Austin, Texas and Washington, D.C. this summer, for a total of nine markets.

Luxe plans to donate $1 for every Drive Home ride to Mothers Against Drunk Driving. Technology “keeps removing all these barriers and the excuses for drinking and driving,” said MADD national president Colleen Sheehey-Church.

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Source: WSJ