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China-Based SF Motors Wants To Take The Fight To Tesla

When the average person is asked to think of the most ‘out there’, innovative company in the car world. It’s not a surprise that a significant number of those asked will probably say Tesla, and it’s not unusual why. Musk spares no expense in laying out his long-term plans for his business and humanity across the board.

But to say that Tesla is the only company clutching onto that word ‘innovation’ would be untrue. In fact, Tesla is currently fighting in a game of technological tug of war with someone else. The American-backed, China-based manufacturer, SF Motors being the latest example of Tesla’s forward-thinking challenger.

SF Motors is taking the fight to Tesla

It’s latest development was showcased in late March and plans to blow some wind out of Tesla’s sails [and sales]. Specifically, the SR5 wants to be the car to outshine Tesla’s Model X on multiple levels. The first being the amount of horsepower at the driver’s disposal; SR will be releasing models with 1-4 electric motors.

What this maximum number of engines equates to is over 1,000 horsepower, with an average range of 300 miles. And while the SF5 will be the first on the market. SF plans to centre its marketing campaign around the SF5 and the SF7 after 2019.

While pricing has yet to be announced, the cars boast a highly effective range with a number of unique features. These include allowing the user to access the car without a key, retractable side and rear cameras instead of mirrors. The SF5 & 7 will also include a class 3 level of automation and smart learning, making them adaptable around how much control the driver wants.