Car Trip Gone Sour: 5 Steps to Take If You Get Stranded in the Middle of Nowhere

A lot of things can go wrong on the road, even when you plan ahead. Car troubles are unpredictable, and will always come out of nowhere. Fuel rescue Brisbane services can handle some of the more common car problems. For issues that fall outside of what’s in the tank, check out the solutions below. 

5. Put On Your Hazard Lights

When your car is no longer moving, putting on the hazards should be the first thing you do. The hazards warn everyone around you that the car is not moving. It is also a universal sign for help, and may catch the eye of a kind Samaritan. Try to get away from the habit of jumping out of your car when something is wrong. Hit the hazards, look in your rearview mirror, and then step out of the car. 

4. Watch For Traffic

Although the hazards will warn other people of your plight, it won’t force them to change speed. Some original thinkers will even speed up to avoid having to help you. If you’re lucky enough to get stranded away from the road, this shouldn’t be a problem. Make sure that the car isn’t blocking an exit or entryway. This is another reason the hazard light is a lifesaver for anyone with a stranded vehicle. Cars that make sharp turns into an entryway will have a bit more warning with the lights. 

3. Check The Dashboard

Your dashboard will usually point out problems with the car like low fuel or oil. Problems that are more complex won’t exactly be spelled out on the dashboard. When the engine light is on, it could be something small or something major. Every car is different, yet the warning lights for the engine are usually very simple. This is both a good and a bad thing when you don’t have a lot of knowledge about a car. If you follow tips #4 & #5, checking the problem that accompanies the light shouldn’t pose an immediate danger. 

2. Look Under The Hood

Before checking out the problem under the hood, take a few precautions. A smoking hood usually means there is heat underneath. Not seeing fire coming from your engine doesn’t mean the components around it aren’t hot. It’s usually a terrible idea to open a hood that has smoke coming from it. Gloves, towels and a mask can speed things up in this area. But even if you’re protected, exercising caution is expected. 

1. Call For Help From A Safe Place

If the car is making weird noises or is constantly smoking, move away from it before calling for service. You don’t know what the problem is, and getting a safe distance away from the immediate danger is the smart option. Let a professional deal with it and try not to dig too deep into a problem that is still resolving itself. 

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Wrap Up

When car problems happen, you have to keep your head on straight. Small issues can turn into big ones when they’re not handled correctly. Using these five tips will help you better deal with getting stranded in the middle of nowhere.