Cadillac 2020 – Hands-Free Cruising As Standard

Cruising is something that a great many drivers have come to appreciate over the years. From a recreational drive to taking the scenic route to wherever you need to go. And as automation moves from its early development phases to the hot hands of the public. The chances are that, if cruising is something that still goes undersold, it won’t be for too much longer.

Companies like Cadillac are banking on it, in fact, they want to take the concept of hand-free cruising and roll it out for their entire fleet. Before this announcement, the company’s owning company, GM, had been stingy about applying it to its cars. But clearly, automation is the opportunity to impress a broader population of new consumers seriously.

Cadillac 2020 – Hands-Free as standard

Back in 2017, the company’s automated, hands-free systems immediately drew comparisons with Uber. Precisely, the CT16 model, and its similarities to its competitor through the use of a highly sophisticated range of tech. Including LIDAR, sensors, lights and high-spec mapping technology which makes the models ‘Super Cruise’ system stand out.

The cruise system is no cheap investment, however, costing any potential buyer an extra $2,500 on top of their car. For anyone interested in buying the Super Cruise package for their car, it requires an accompanying Driver Assist package. This package also adds the additional cost of $3,100 to the overall price-tag.

And according to the prices for both the standard and premium luxury models, CT6’s range from $66-71,000 (Luxury) to $85-91,000 (Premium). For those looking for a line of cars that can have your hands off the wheel, then Cadillac should definitely be in your periphery.