Deliveroo To Allow Restaurants To Use Own Drivers

Deliveroo is planning to expand in the UK this year.

The British food delivery startup will launch a new service called “Marketplace+” in July — its partners can then use it to gain access to Deliveroo’s 15,000 riders in the UK to boost their own network. That will give them a chance to keep up with orders during peak periods and offer deliveries to locations they couldn’t cover before. They can also incorporate a POS system to help make payments easier. Deliveroo can check this out themselves to see if it would be a viable option.

Deliveroo co-founder and CEO Will Shu said in a statement: “Traditionally we’ve been unable to work with those restaurants… because they already have their own delivery fleet and so they thought ‘well we don’t really need Deliveroo.’ We’re changing the game. We’re enabling these restaurants to tap into our delivery fleet.”

Businesses that want to keep track of their delivery drivers and mobile workforce may be interested in implementing fleet management software to know the whereabouts of any team member at any given time.

The Marketplace+ service is being rolled out globally across all Deliveroo’s markets this year, but will launch first in July in Italy, Belgium, Netherlands, Australia, Hong Kong and the UK and Ireland.

The company is expecting Marketplace+ to bring more than 5,000 additional restaurants into its UK app by the end of the year.

The move will also expand where it’s able to offer a service in the market, saying it will add 50 new towns and cities in the UK by the end of the year.

Shu said Deliveroo’s new service would enable users to choose from 50% more restaurants. All that the patrons and food lovers would need to do is order takeaway online in UK!

The “long-term 10-year goal”, Shu said, was to become “the definitive food company”, making the Deliveroo name synonymous with takeaway delivery in the same way Amazon has done for e-commerce or Google for web search.

Source: Engadget