BMW Reveals Its Most Expensive Paint Ever

This Article Originally Appeared on Hypebeast

How much would you be willing to pay for a unique BMW exterior paint job?

BMW has unveiled its Individual Pure Metal Silver paint, the most expensive hue out of the 230+ exterior color options being offered. Originally introduced on the M5 range almost a year ago, the eye-catching brushed aluminium color will run you a cool $10,000 USD and is only available on select models. Compared to the other colors available, the chrome-like Individual Pure Metal Silver sits at a level of its own, with the next expensive option “Frozen Metallic Bronze” priced at $3,600 USD. A special-effect pigment is combined with a water-based paint system to create a uniform and gleaming surface. Unique characteristics also set the paint apart including its light-dark effect, high metallic brilliance and intensive reflective properties. Check out the video for more details on the Individual Pure Metal Silver and don’t forget that you can also get car wraps for this car, which is also a great way of changing your the color of your car.

Finding the right ceramic coating for your car is essential, and this coating forms a Permanent Bond to the factory paint work to protect it from damaging contaminants such as Bird Droppings, Ultraviolet Rays, Tree Sap, Tar, Industrial Fallout, Oxidization and Chemical Fall Out that would otherwise affect unprotected paint work.