Biggest Mini First In Ride Sharing Program

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Mini has evolved from being the manufacturer of tiny cars as it once was in the 1960s. Despite this, the brand still remains iconic in the 21st Century. This being said, Mini works constantly to remain fresh and relevant in order to avoid going out of fashion.

Its newest model, the Clubman, is designed to do exactly that. Launched at a time of brand reinvention, the Clubman is designed to be an elegantly shaped wagon.


Mini’s newest ride is also the first of their cars to be included in “Drivenow,” a service that enables owners to share their vehicle with others when it is not in use. Peter Schwarzenbauer, a member of BMW’s board of management, asserts that this move reflects the progressive public’s open-mindedness.

Modernity is central to the appeal of this new entry, and Mini has included adjustable suspension settings as an available package.



Twin barn doors at the rear open automatically with the wave of a foot under the rear bumper. How’s that for a party trick?

The Clubman is based on BMW’s front-wheel drive platform but this doesn’t mean that an all-wheel drive option won’t be available until later.

While not its sportiest offering, the Clubman is a sophisticated and thoroughly modern entrant in the station wagon class. Hopefully the combination of sporting credentials, shareability, and convenience will make the big mini a popular choice for drivers.

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