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Anything Can Be An Art Medium–Even A Bike!

“Art is not what you see, but what you make others see.” — Edgar Degas

After 40 years of working as a psychologist, Gregg Rochester found his passion of art and became a professional painter. “I had a great art role model and mentor in my mother. She was a professional artist who wanted to go places and do interesting things. She continued painting until she was 86, a year before she passed away, and said ‘until you can’t lift the brush anymore, you carry on’,” said Gregg.

Gregg’s mother introduced his first real forage into the arts when at 16, so then she took him to Mexico where he studied silversmithing, pottery and classical guitar. The love of the arts has continued to grow and embody the lessons that his mother passed onto him. If you are looking for the best information related to art then check this out.

The journey with art of Gregg is very unique. He started out painting on clothing to “push creativity into a medium that has some creativity but not enough”.  As a psychologist, Gregg is very active in the health sector, bringing his art into hospitals and health clinic either as decoration or as inspiration and instruction in art programs. To know art related info check This site.

And at 62, Gregg calls himself a Bike Artist. Instead of sticking to painting bikes on canvas, sometimes Gregg’s canvas is a bike. Let’s check out his masterpieces:










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Art is an important part of Gregg’s life as something that does not outgrow–he needs to create. Although you may say he was lucky to be introduced to art at a young age and really fostered the skills throughout his life, he has emphasized many times that it’s not too late, anyone can start with art at any age. “Some people are lucky enough to be exposed, but now there are tremendous opportunities in all different mediums. There are so many ways to get involved: volunteering, classes, going to museums and more. You just have to choose one that calls to you.”

As much as I love Gregg’s works, I really admire his passion and quote. Yet art is something that ages in itself, some people just have trouble encouraging themselves, but once they see they can create, it’s addictive.

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