Man Invented The World’s Greatest BBQ Smoker

“The greatest invention of mankind is compound interest.” — Albert Einstein

And I hope Einstein loves BBQ too, especially the BBQ from a smoker that looks and sounds like a real train. No kidding!

Steve, a retired iron worker in Northern Illinois is taking backyard barbecuing to the next level, and built himself a large smoker over the course of three years.

“It looks like an old-fashioned steam engine! It’s awesome!” said a neighbor. doesn’t know much about the Internet and social networks, but his son is the one who filmed and posted about his work online, and people have understandably been very impressed with his dad’s handiwork. If you don’t have the time or resources to make your own BBQ smoker, and you would rather buy one, then it might be work looking at some electric smoker reviews. Unfortunately, Steve’s probably won’t be listed!

Almost all of the smoker was built from scratch. The fire box is reclaimed from an old farmhouse stove, and the wheel rims are cut up fence posts. Steve crafted the water tank and whistles. “It makes some delicious ribs,” said Steven’s son.

Don’t be jealous after you watch this video about the first-ever Train BBQ Smoker!

“No great invention was made without enthusiasm” — Ralph Emerson

Thanks Mister Steven for the great BBQ smoker invention. I’m sure we all enjoy his great work.

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