AirB n Bitcoin? CryptoCribs shakes up the hotel world

Cryptocurrencies are opening up the world to people on more levels than ever before. With there being options where people can buy bitcoin in the UK and various places in the world, this industry will continue to grow as more people have a better understanding of what this all involves. Of course, not everyone is a Bitcoin expert, but there’s always chance to learn about it in case you’re looking to invest in future – just make sure that you’re aware of all the pros and cons behind it. Check out sites like About Bitcoin and really do your research to save yourself losing out in the long run.

With people like Lena, a jet-setting motion graphics designer demonstrating just how disruptive cryptocurrencies can be. In her time away from Hackney, she rents out her apartment to anyone looking for a unique week/weekend break.

But where does she post the ad? On Gumtree or AirBnB? Takes up too much time to post it there. Instead, she has joined a new wave of people on the shop floor of cryptocurrencies through CryptoCribs. What makes the site astounding is just how fast the shop floor has filled up; from single, to double and now triple digits for users and customers.

What in the world is CryptoCribs?

When we think of short-term rental properties, we think of companies like Airbnb, and rightly so. But for the emerging world of Cryptocurrencies, the pool remains sparse for users looking for the same thing. Where are the sites that allow users to rent a room using Bitcoin? This is where CryptoCribs comes in. Many companies are now accepting the cryptocurrency as a method of payment, for information on more companies that do so, check out websites like

The idea started as a subreddit, where the founder, Erasmus Elsner, a then PhD graduate was called ‘out of touch‘ for his idea. While it’s a niche idea, it’s one that was rolled out in September and has been on an upwards surge ever since. Starting off with only a few members, the site now boasts over 800 properties available to rent across the world, some ranging from basic accommodation to the luxury of StayTony’s Hollywood furnished apartments, for example.

CryptoCribs delivers a Hard-Fork to Short-Term rentals

Niche indeed, the number has grown dramatically in only four months with more being added. Upon entering the site, visitors looking for a holiday weekend need just type in their destination and days. From there, they’re able to select any number of rooms from an interactive map and book it. Ironically, while the name suggests otherwise, you’re more than welcome to pay in Dollars, Euros or Pounds.

For those looking to put their apartment up for rent on the site can sign up and make earn cryptos for days visitors want to rent their property. CryptoCribs is truly revolutionising the short-term rental market for future generations!