Floating Hotel Pods are coming to Japan

Huis Ten Bosch
, a Dutch-themed amusement park in Japan, will soon offer you as many nights as you can afford. If you want to experience all the flotation-based fun of a cruise, without leaving the confines of a small man-made lake, then this is the hotel for you.

The floating pod can accommodate up to three guests, and has two floors, the first for sleeping and the second for relaxing and enjoying the passing scenery. There is also an outdoor deck where you can enjoy a perfect view of the night sky. If you’re wondering how you’ll get to your morning destination, each pod has an automated navigation system that will take you to a predetermined island location.

Guests will be charged between $260 and $350 a night with a minimum two-night stay requirement. (yes, all hotel pods include toilets and showers).

Source: GQ