5 Situations Where Tire Chains Just Might Save Your Life

Winter is Never a Good Time to be Stuck:

For many drivers, putting tire chains on before a winter road trip is a very unwelcome chore, particularly for those in a hurry to get somewhere! Nevertheless, tire chains are the most affordable way you can improve your vehicle’s traction to cope with the extra slippery road surfaces that are more usual in the winter months. This additional traction is sufficient to help you get to your destination quicker and more importantly, in one piece.

Here are 5 situations where having tire chains could be a matter of life or death:

  1.  Tire chains act as a defense against snow and ice on the roads and can be installed at the beginning of the season and removed at the end. It’s always worth having them in place so that you’re prepared if you’re out on the roads and the weather takes a turn for the worst. If you get caught in heavy rain or snow while trying to install tire chains at the last minute, you’ll find it extremely difficult and so it’s always better to be prepared.
  2.  If you’re planning a winter road trip in the mountains, you’ll need tire chains to make sure you have the traction to cope with steep hills and winding roads. They can be unpredictable at the best of times but tire chains will keep you securely on the road. The loss of traction caused after a snowstorm is considerable and tire chains are your best defense.
  3.  Taking a ski trip is a given for putting chains on your tires as popular ski resorts can expect several inches of snow each day, presenting a hazard to your vehicle unless you have chains installed. You wouldn’t want to miss out on any fun because your vehicle can’t navigate the terrain and so chains will keep you involved in the action.
  4.  If you’re driving to one of America’s many national parks in the winter, you would be well-advised to get tire services and install tire chains. In fact, some parks such as Yosemite may turn you away unless your car is fitted with chains as it represents a hazard to other drivers on the park’s roads. It’s always better to be safe than sorry and so to avoid disappointment, fit your car with snow chains.
  5.   Certain mountainous regions experience high levels of snowfall, which compacts to form a thick, slippery layer over the roads. Attempting to navigate a mountain road during winter conditions without having tire chains fitted is nothing less than insanity. This is the reason most mountain roads require tire chains to be fitted by law during the winter months.

Although tire chains can make the handling of your car feel a little uncomfortable and awkward, they are definitely worth getting used to. The important thing to remember is that you should only install them if there is a need at the time, as you can cause significant damage to your tires if you’re driving on a road that doesn’t have enough snow or ice to warrant chains. When you have your chains on, you should also take caution to drive between the speeds of 30-35mph to prevent accidents and also reduce the chances of having to brake suddenly which could be dangerous. Tire chains are supposed to keep you safe in hazardous driving conditions, although they do not eliminate the hazards themselves.