RAM Trucks take it Up a Notch for 2018

As Australian business owners turn more frequently towards U.S-coursed pick-up trucks as a way to haul bigger loads across the country, RAM trucks have decided to introduce a brand-new level of vehicle power into the mix. Also a pickup is a great addition to most commercial fleets, If your business frequently deals with a lot of heavy hauling. Then the powerful new RAM 3500 could be the perfect solution for you, and your entire fleet.

As demands for power continue to grow, RAM trucks in the U.S. recently announced that they would be beginning construction on a brand-new 2018 RAM 3500 pick-up truck. The latest model will contribute a full 40Nm of torque over the previous 2017 model. So, what does this latest RAM truck delivery mean for your business?,  check this Jeep Dealership Near Me.

The Latest in Pick Up Power

The 2018 RAM 3500 pickup truck could actually be more powerful than the latest Ford development on the market. For the 2018 year, RAM is looking to eclipse both GM and Ford with a huge torque measurement of 930 pounds per foot! That places the 3500 ahead of any other pick-up on the market, and Horsepower figures have yet to be released. Although we don’t know for certain what HP is going to look like, it seems certain that such a large torque increase will just be the start in RAM’s updates.

For the meanwhile, we know that the RAM 3500 will be able to tow about 30,000 pounds worth of equipment and tools, with the assistance of a fifth-wheel hitch. There’s a good chance that the competitors on the market, such as Ford and GM, are going to respond to the 2018 RAM model with their own updates, but for now, Australians are already looking for tips from an expert for a way to get their hands on next year’s most powerful pickup truck.

If you’re interested in getting one of your own, you can always try to find the best canopies to start building up your ideal Ute before you even get the RAM shipped over to your door.

What to Expect from the Newest RAM

Since its original launch as a stand-alone division away from the Jeep company in 2009, RAM has been steadily building as an industry leader in America, and throughout the world. Though it’s hard to know whether the new model will stay on top of the industry for long, what we do know, is that this new model is sure to take hauling and heavy-duty towing seriously, with performance unlike anything we’ve ever seen before.

According to the head of the RAM and Jeep brand, Mike Manley, the new truck will be designed to be the best fifth-wheel solution on the market, featuring diesel improvements like higher boost limits through variable geometry turbo systems, and a flow rate increase through a more efficient fuel delivery system.

Regarded by many to be the most powerful pick-up truck on the market thanks to its record-setting 930 pounds of torque, the RAM 3500 has opened the door for heavy trailer manufacturers to start bringing forward capabilities that were previously only possible on Class 4 and Class 5 trucks. The first 2018 RAM heavy pickup trucks began rolling into the market during the second week of August, and up until now, there haven’t been any hints as to when we can expect to see them on the Australian market.