Make the Daily Commute Fun and Healthy

5 Reasons a Scooter Can Improve Your Daily Commute

Has your daily commute become dull? How do you get to work? Do you take public transportation and then walk a portion of the way, do you cycle into work to avoid the traffic jams? If you are like the majority of commuters your head is down, scrolling through your emails or notes for the day, sitting in public transportation before making a long walk to your office. Many people make the commute more enjoyable by playing mobile phone games on their commute such as casino games from websites like, by doing this they can also earn extra cash whilst they are traveling for work. However, it is important to note that it is not going to be as enjoyable if you have made yourself vulnerable to hackers and other cybercrimes, which can happen if you are not using the right casino sites or updated software. Learning how to stay safe whilst you are gambling online is vital to keep this fun-filled activity enjoyable.

What if I told you there was a way to add fun to your daily commute while strengthening your core and reducing your stress? Would you be interested?

For too long scooter riders have been dubbed dorky when in fact they knew a secret the rest of us failed to see. Scooters are sexy. Here are 5 reasons why a scooter will not only improve your daily commute but also up your game.

Fun Factor

Childhood is filled with fun memories of bikes, scooters, and skateboards. In a world where comic books and video games are no longer just for kids, why not share the joys of scooting?

Would the you of fifteen or even thirty years ago be proud of the adult you have become, or would that tiny version shake their head and wonder when the joy of life left you? Scooters have a way of reclaiming that youthful spirit. They are energizing and refreshing, capturing the best parts of childhood.

Speed Walking Powers

We all need superhero powers, so instead of pulling out your cape think instead about accelerating your commute. Navigating the city on foot can become increasingly frustrating when you are in a hurry to start your day. Scooting not only gives you dashing speed but also is a non-sweaty alternative to running or cycling. Skip the office shower once you arrive.

Smoother Ride

In big cities like New York or Chicago it can get you from the train/subway/valet to the office in no time. There are a number of models to choose from to make commuting to work in style a look to be envied. When you are traveling the city twice as fast as you would on foot, and looking sharp while doing so, it won’t be long till the rest of the city has caught on.

Light Weight, Easy to Transport

Scooters are light weight, most fold, and can be carried easily on a crowded subway or bus. They store neatly under your office desk and according to the Confessions of a Grown Up Kick Scooter Rider the probabilities of theft are significantly less. If you’re set to purchase a desk with the idea of storing your scooter beneath it in mind, you’ll be pleased to know that office desks available online come in different shapes and sizes so you’re sure to find something that can accommodate your scooter once you finish your commute to work! For those that are more interested in a desk with some character, going to websites similar to can provide some inspiration for those that have a more vintage taste in their office furniture.

Health Benefits

Scooters provide the added benefit of strengthening your core and tightening your thighs. Be sure to shift dominant leg to give an equal workout to each. This activity is good for your peace of mind and reducing stress. Instead of eyes down avoiding the gaze of those around you all eyes and smiles will be pointed in your direction. Smiling is contagious. Why not brighten the day of all those you pass?

The scooter is no longer just for kids. It’s a memory you can bring into the present and enjoy on a daily basis. It decreases your commute time, saves you from showering at work, is light and easy to store, and gives you a good core workout. What isn’t appealing about this means of transportation?