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3 Commercial Vehicle Maintenance Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Most people never learn much about vehicles beyond their regular automobiles. As a result, they failed to appreciate how much value large fleets of work vehicles bring to society. In fact, the market for fleet management alone in the United States is worth more than $34 billion every year!

Of course, there is a lot of expertise that goes into taking care of commercial vehicles. There are a lot of common commercial vehicle maintenance mistakes that cost businesses a lot of money.

Learning from the expertise of others is the fastest way to avoid the most common vehicle maintenance mistakes. So what exactly should you be doing to make sure that your commercial vehicles stay in the best shape? Read on to learn all about the most important mistakes people make when maintaining commercial vehicles and how you can avoid them!

Pay a Lot of Attention to the Brakes

Quality brakes are obviously one of the most important safety features of vehicles. Unfortunately, they naturally wear out when you use them. As a result, they need to be replaced regularly.

Another part of the problem is that brakes wear out so slowly. If you could feel the difference between braking when you have new brakes versus halfway through their lifespan, you would notice a huge difference. But because this difference develops slowly, people overlook it.

Set up a system to regularly replace your brakes. Don’t rely on people noticing that they are losing braking power.

Your Treads Provide Braking Power

Your treads are also part of your braking power. Without treads, it doesn’t matter how good your brakes are.

You should regularly schedule tread examinations. This is especially important before weather changes. If a rainy or snowy season is coming up, check your treads!

Keep an Eye on Tire Pressure 

Some people overinflate their tires. Others underinflate them. Both cause problems.

Overinflated tires are more likely to burst. That can get you in a serious accident.

Underinflated tires provide worse control over your vehicle. That can also lead to an accident. It also wears out your tires and decreases your gas mileage.

The more that you learn about regular vehicle maintenance and put together a fleet maintenance checklist, the more you write might realize that maintaining and cleaning commercial vehicles varies between different types of vehicles.

Getting new fleet vehicles designed the way you want them can help you to avoid any unique problems you are running into. Check out this link about customizing your work trucks to learn more.

Avoid the Most Common Commercial Vehicle Maintenance Mistakes

We hope that some of the ideas in this brief article about the most common commercial vehicle maintenance mistakes you should be avoiding have been helpful for you. Many people develop a lot of wisdom in this area through a long process of trial and error. However, it is much faster to learn from the mistakes and expertise of others.

In other words, it is worth reading up on commercial vehicle maintenance to make sure you are not overlooking any mistakes. That kind of research is an investment that will more than pay for itself.

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