$120-Million Investment To Make Newark One Of The Most High-Tech Airports

If you’ve been in the Newark Airport before, this news will make you want to come back soon.

If you’ve never been in Newark Airport, you will find yourself barely able to deny the idea of visiting the city after this news.

Because some major changes are about to be applied to Newark Liberty International Airport

According to the plan, 55 new dining venues will be operated to the terminal, which will make the airport a world-class dining destination. “The dining venues will provide travelers with an array of culinary choices, with menus at all price points emphasizing fresh, locally sourced ingredients, and highlighting regional and local dining experiences”, stated in the press release of United Airlines. Passengers will be served by famous chefs such as Alain Ducasse, Marc Forgione, Paul Liebrandt, Alex Guarnaschelli, Mario Carbone.

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A new payment system will also be invested, using about 6,000 iPads. At every seat in the terminal, there will be an iPad which are used to order food, beverages, or even travel accessories like air-pillows. The virtual menus are displayed in 20 different languages with the prices listed both in dollars and in miles. Passengers can even purchase items with United Rewards Miles.

Also, free WiFi connections will be provided to help travelers stay connected.

iFJ1KFFNs1ww“Our studies have shown that Newark is making progress when it comes to amenities, but the only kind of overhaul announced today will mean a true 21st Century airport experience for millions of passengers.”

The upgrade package is estimated to cost about $120 million and will take 18 months to finish.

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