YouTube Steps up Its Game with a new Gaming App

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The date is February 2005 and a new service has arrived making the boring internet of email and AIM more exciting. The birth of YouTube was an exciting one and boy has the baby grown. Today YouTube has more than a billion active users who tune in every month and thousands of YouTubers who build a living earning money off their viewers. Experts on gaming say the site’s culture has grown so tremendously that it has sections dedicated to any niche you can think of and a large one that’s been established is for its gamer audience. People starting out on the platform often have difficulty gaining a foothold due to the over saturation of videos on the site. However, something people are increasingly trying to Buy YouTube views in order to boost a video’s rankings and to be recommended to more people, thus viewed more naturally.

Well YouTube has listened and studied audiences for some time and came to the conclusion that people want to experience video games together and if Twitch hasn’t proven that well then this new YouTube app will. YouTube Gaming is a new platform dedicated to streaming games but I speculate more. Perhaps this is Google’s platform for introducing VR in the upcoming years.


YouTube’s goal is to take the gamer community and give them a platform that’s easier to search for what they’re looking for. They plan on hosting channels for each game as well as each user and although the separate platform is yet to be released to the public, as of now, all the videos currently available on YouTube Gaming are also available on its mother platform, YouTube. Many gamers love to show off their abilities to their subscribers which is why these ‘pro’ gamers often use specialist peripherals like a vertical mouse to take their game to the next level.

Twitch is an application that already does what YouTube Gaming is planning to do and has hundreds of millions users a month. It has become so popular largely due to Fortnite and League of Legends, where players often buy accounts for the game . Rumor was that Google had its eyes set on acquiring the company but Amazon beat them to the punch for $970 Million. Since then, YouTube has introduced 60fps and smoother streaming services that’ll evidently be used in the new app which comes out later this summer.