You Want To Have This Tool In Your Pocket

Apple might have brought sophisticated products to the masses, but Crank Brothers brought it to the bike world. Stuffing a dozen or more functions into a compact triangle, Crank Brothers’ Y16 tool aims to bring shop-quality tools to their customers. Most of their products are aimed mostly for bikers but their triangle tools can come in handy everywhere, not just in biking! If you consider yourself a handyman, find yourself on Tools First quite often, and are looking for a collection of tools you can fit in your pocket – why not repurpose this toolset? The Californian brand also has quite the reputation for building beautifully designed components that feature clever integration and elegant simplicity.

Having offered a good range of multi-tools for the past few years, Crank Brothers have recently turned their attention to expanding that range with the brand new Y-Tool line.

The y tools are especially nice to work with. If you’ve ever struggled with a folding tool on the trail, you’ll appreciate the function of a y tool. It’s not too small to work with, nor is it too big.

The Y16, is a triangular little device that vaguely resembles the face of a tiny Transformer. It is held together by magnets, the miniature bike shop contains 16 tools, including hex wrenches #2 through #8, two torx wrenches, phillips and flathead screwdrivers, CO2 inflator, chain tool, and spoke wrenches.

This would be a cool tool for the rider who regularly tweaks their bike, or want to have everything at their fingertips to avoid getting stranded on long rides. I like that the Y16 has everything already covered for all-day riding adventures.

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Source: National Geographic