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Deekit’s Virtual Whiteboard Is The Future Of Coworking

An increasingly globalized world means that people working on the same project may never have the opportunity to meet in person. As a result, more managers are looking on this website to learn how to keep people engaged in online meetings as well as discovering how to keep people productive despite not being in the office. It is difficult to communicate ideas online in words alone.

To eliminate this impediment to the creative process, Deekit has developed an application that acts as a virtual whiteboard. It enables coworkers to not only discuss their ideas but also elaborate on them through diagrams and illustrations. In the same way that Google Drive applications allow users to collaborate on shared documents, the startup’s application is a virtual meeting that promotes the flow of ideas.



The application remedies the issue of mere screen sharing and video chatting because all members of a session can participate and contribute. This is accomplished through an ample supply of buttons and tools that give users the freedom to express themselves to others through the medium of the on-screen whiteboard.

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Not only useful for business and artistic purposes, Deekit will be invaluable for teaching also for teaching across the internet because it allows both the presenting and receiving parties to interact in the virtual space. Lecturing is too easy when there is no space for sharing, and the application bridges this gap.

The Deekit team strives to revolutionize the transmission of ideas through its application and the beta is currently free.

Working as a group has just started again with a clean slate.

Source: Wired

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