Volvo Releases Reflective Paint For Cyclists


It’s available in parts of the UK, for now

Want to feel nervous? Try riding a bike at night alongside a busy road. Even if you’re covered in lights and reflectors, there’s a real chance that a not so aware driver will crash into you.

Volvo is turning its attention to two-wheeled safety, for the moment. The Swedish car manufacturer and UK design firm Grey London have partnered with Albedo100 to create a reflective spraypaint that’s only visible at night. It’s called LifePaint, but it’s technically not paint; it’s a washable material that lasts about 10 days after application. It’s also completely invisible until it’s hit by the glare of a car’s headlights — then it glows.

They are only offering LifePaint in six London- and Kent-area bike shops right now, and availability will depend on how it fares in these test areas. The water-based LifePaint can safely be applied to clothes, helmets, shoes, backpacks, and even dog leashes.

Source: Engadget