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Wireless Charging Now Available For Everyday EVs

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The news of Audi’s 2019 Q6 e-tron also came with the announcement that it will have a wireless charging option. While this is luxury-grade technology, it isn’t reserved for top-dollar cars anymore.

Plugless Rear Ground

Plugless, based in Virginia, is committed to providing clean technology infrastructure solutions, now offering the best wireless charging vehicle dock. Its product, the Plugless L2, provides fast wireless 3.3kw charging for the Chevy Volt, Nissan Leaf, and Cadillac ELR. The system is comprised of a pad that creates an electromagnetic field and an induction coil that receives the electromagnetic field and converts it back to electrical energy to power the car’s battery. The charging station lets drivers know when they’re centered over the ground pad. The installation doesn’t require additional software or apps and doesn’t affect the vehicle’s performance.

Plugless Schematic

Consumers pay a premium for the convenience Plugless offers, though the price differs depending on the vehicle. The cheapest system is the Chevy Volt at $1,260, followed by the Nissan Leaf at $1,540. Unsurprisingly Cadillac ELR owners must fork over the most dough, as they’ll be spending $1,940 for their equipment (they’ll be paying a premium for their luxury car, even if it is a commercial failure).

Such a system may raise concern since many consumers are unfamiliar with the technology. Plugless is well tested, however, and has been used by the U.S. Department of Defense and major corporations such as Hertz, SAP, and Google for years. It also offers many guarantees to keep its customers are happy with their product. The first is that the system is installed by a trained professional at the dealership respective to the make of the car. If no professional is available, Plugless will ship out a technician to get the job done. Additionally, the system comes with a 45-day return policy and a three-year warranty. The charger itself is also capable in nearly any environment, outside or inside, in temperatures from 0 to 122 degrees Fahrenheit.

Plugless Interior

Plugless offers a charging solution that’s versatile, reliable, and won’t cost users any more than the one-time cost of purchase. Cars like the Chevy Volt and Nissan Leaf may not be Tesla-grade luxury, but this system makes state-of-the-art technology available to a much larger chunk of the population. It’s time to stop plugging and to start never worrying about charging again.

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