2016 Ford Focus RS Pricing And Options Leaked

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The 2016 Ford Focus RS is one of the most hotly anticipated arrivals for next year among motoring enthusiasts, and for good reason. Featuring a tuned up version of the 2.3 liter turbocharged engine found in the EcoBoost Mustang, power output is a massive 345 horses along with 345 lbs-ft of torque. The Focus RS also packs meaty Brembo brakes and all-wheel drive. It also has a button that unlocks Drift Mode. It’s an enticing package for any gearhead.

Focus RS Warehouse

Even now, Ford has not yet officially revealed the price for their rally-inspired hot hatch, but Jalopnik commenters found leaked information on a broken part of Ford’s website that may not have been meant for public viewing.

Focus RS Price

The website lists the RS as having a starting price of $35,730, while the same car with all available options costs $42,275. This pricing sets it to compete directly with Volkswagen’s wickedly fast Golf R and Honda’s screaming Civic Type R.

The stock Focus RS rides on 18-inch painted aluminum wheels, but an upgrade to 19-inch painted forged alloys is available for $1,395. While ticking that box, you might as well go all the way and also go for the Michelin Pilot Sport Cup tires for $595. According to Car and Driver, each tire generally runs for $350, so potential drivers get a good deal on their first set for the RS.


Other standard goodies include a 10-speaker Sony stereo and partial leather Recaros. The RS2 interior upgrade package costs $2,785 and includes black leather and microsuede upholstery, voice-activated navigation, SiriusXM Traffic, and Travel link. This option list was not complete at the time of publication, however, so the package could contain even more perks. The last listed option is a power moonroof for $895.

Ford Performance Cars

Options aside, $35,730 plus $875 for destination isn’t a bad deal for a rally inspired hot hatch. Cars like the 2016 Focus RS and the blisteringly fast Mustang GT350R show that Ford Performance is getting serious about making truly amazing vehicles. Fortunately, it also seems as though consumers will be able to purchase these racing-capable cars without having to break the bank.

Source: Car and Driver, Jalopnik

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