What Do New Ford Vehicles Have to Offer This Year

What Do New Ford Vehicles Have to Offer This Year?

Ranking number 5 on a list of the top 10 car manufacturers in the world, there’s no doubt that Ford trucks, cars, and vans stand out, even on the global stage. With each year, new Ford vehicles take the field, bringing with them the latest American automotive innovations.

How do these new Fords stack up in terms of performance, features, and price? Keep reading for more information below.

Ford Trucks: What’s New?

First, let’s talk about the one arena Ford tends to dominate without question: Trucks. Their latest model, the 2022 Ford Maverick, is a compact pickup truck that’s priced at under $20,000 to compete with the best.

It can only tow a maximum of 4,000lbs, but with the interior loaded out with touchscreen displays and other tech, the Maverick could take some eyes from its larger counterparts, the Ford Ranger or F-150.

The New Ford Edge: An Impressive Midsize SUV

When you think of Ford vans, you more than likely think of the Ford Explorer. However, the Ford Edge has made serious headway into the overcrowded midsize SUV market.

It may not have the third row of seating that many SUVs prize. However, it does have an incredible 12in infotainment center, a suite of amazing safety features like blind-spot warnings, and a solid 280 pound-feet of torque with the basic 4-cylinder engine.

Not sure if you want to pay Ford’s MSRP of $36,955 for the Edge SE? Want to learn about different vans or SUVs? You can find more here.

The New Ford Fusion: Comfort and Power in One

The Ford Fusion remains one of the best sedans on the market. With its sleek body and comfortable, spacious interior, you can look and feel good driving it. To add to its feel-good vibes, it has incredible fuel efficiency at 34 highway MPG, which will save you loads at the gas pumps.

The interior has options for heated or cooled seats, a power moonroof, and a 12-speaker Sony sound system for the utmost clarity. All this, while offering up to 245 horsepower. Talk about a smooth ride!

Here’s What Ford Offers With the Mustang This Year

The Ford Mustang has always been one of America’s favorite sporty vehicles. So, how will the new Ford Mustang line up upon release in 2022?

With up to 450 horsepower on the GT model, this pony can move like little else on the market. What’s better, the 2022 Ford Mustang can hold 4 people with most models, though if you prefer the old-fashioned coupe experience, you can still get a two-seater. It also offers at least 11.4 cubic feet of trunk space, which is helpful for those who want to use their coupe for more than speeding along the highway.

Want to Learn More About New Ford Vehicles?

Looking at their offerings this year, it’s plain to see that new Ford vehicles want to occupy a place of comfort, power, and affordability. If you want to learn more about the latest vehicles to grace Ford dealerships or new car pricing, check out the Automotive section of our blog, where we’re glad to talk cars every day.