EMRs are simply electronic medical records. They are used in hospitals in place of paper charts and contain all patient information including medical history and treatment plans.

There are many EMR companies to choose from but here is a list of the best companies in 2020. Let’s take a look.

1. Cure MD

Cure MD is a company that designs EMRs for specialist clinics and hospitals. The EMRs are built with cloud technology and can connect doctors with over 40,000 pharmacists across the country. 

Consequently, doctors can reduce the possibility of drug allergies among patients by double-checking with several pharmacists.

Features of the Cure MD EMR System

  • Cure MD’s EMR uses the practice management software and the patient portal feature to process, record and analyze all patient data. Results are produced using this analysis and doctors can formulate treatment plans based on the results.
  • The enterprise scheduling software also enables doctors to set up and manage all their appointments. Using a special tool called color – coding, doctors can assign special equipment to patients with the appropriate exam room and health care provider.
  • This software has a user – friendly interface and you can even design your template. Updates are also available from time to time.

Don’t wish to go through this entire list? Read this guide with a cost comparison.

2. E-Clinical Works

This company is highly applauded by several medical professionals and patients. This EMR system has an easy user interface that helps users navigate their way around the app. It also connects easily with other technology in your facilities like copy machines and telephones.

Features of the e-Clinical Works EMR System

  • Using the e-Clinical Works scheduling tool, users can add new patients, check up on current patients and set up appointments. You can also assign exam rooms and equipment to each patient and this enhances productivity and ensures that all patients are well taken care of.
  • Using the web browser, e-Clinical Works can easily connect with the ECG, EEG, EKG and other devices. It can also arrange and analyze data according to the level of importance.
  • E-Clinical Works has a virtual assistant, “Eva,” that carefully reviews a patient’s progress, flow sheet and account balance. Eva also helps with the booking of appointments and keeps track of the patient’s response to treatment. You can also watch lots of educational videos on Eva.
  • An exciting feature called the Healow Virtual Room allows medical professionals from around the world to interact with their patients face-to-face.

Although this is the most expensive EMR system, it is an excellent option if your facility runs specialized treatments.

3. Advanced MD

Another popular choice among health acre facilitators is Advanced MD. This system also runs on cloud technology. With a simple log — in, users have access to tons of information.

Advanced MD is specially designed for small and medium-sized health care facilities. It handles the booking of appointments, e-prescriptions, patient room assignments, and other tasks. Users can move from the office to the hospital while looking through their patient’s records.

Features of the Advanced MD EMR System

  • Advanced MD has a feature called Health watcher that provides automated alerts and customizable health plans. Patients can be involved in formulating their treatment plans.
  • Doctors can easily decipher patterns that will facilitate accurate diagnosis and then begin to prepare treatment plans.  
  • With Advanced MD, users have access to blank templates that they can customize according to their needs.
  • Patients also have access to their health care providers and can interact with them face-to-face. They can also set up appointments and receive notifications from them.
  • Health care providers can secure all patient information in their files. You can also sign prescription requests electronically irrespective of your location.

All these EMR systems have lots of common features but before making your decision, do extensive research so that you know the right EMR system that suits your facility.