Common car issues

7 Common Car Issues Every New Driver Needs to Be Aware Of

To reduce the potential for breakdown and expensive repairs, learn the most common car issues new drivers should know about here. There are over 700,000 mechanics and technicians that work on cars in the United States. 

Mechanics can take care of any problem, but common car issues are something we should all be aware of. Cars and trucks last longer now and have fewer problems than ever before, but not as much has changed as you might think. 

Many of the issues that plague modern cars have been with us since the beginning. While engineers work to correct many common problems, there are those that just won’t go away. There are also problems that arise from poorly built parts or installation. You will find Auto Car Australia always trying to solve issues about cars and trucks. 

Common Car Issues 

When we consider what a common car issue is, we have to look at things that impact most drivers. These are problems that don’t always show up until a car has been driven for several years. When the issues do happen, some are quite easy to fix, and others are very difficult. Techrogers is always there to help you with any kind of issue.

1. Flat Tire

The dreaded flat tire has been making people late for work or school since tires were first put on vehicles. They are caused by many different things, from punctures to not holding in the air. The reality is that with a flat tire, you won’t be going anywhere.

Replacing a flat tire isn’t difficult. In order to do so, you only need to have a four-way and a jack. Most vehicles come with both. To repair the actual tire is a bit more complicated. There are tire shops that will repair your tire, and it doesn’t cost that much to have done. 

2. Dead Battery 

This is a very common car issue that often is our own fault. If you leave your lights on, or your door open for too long, you can drain the battery. Batteries do have a limited charge, even with the alternator recharging them they will eventually have to be replaced. 

Most batteries can survive for 50,000 miles or more, but around then, you should consider replacing yours. If your battery dies, the car will not operate, and you may be stranded. If you can get a jump from someone, you should be able to get back going, but remember not to stop the car anytime soon. 

3. Alternator Goes Bad

Something that can lead to the second problem on our list is the alternator going bad. If the alternator goes out, the vehicle won’t be able to recharge the battery. In modern vehicles, it can also lead to other malfunctions with the computer system. 

Either way, this is a problem that can be a real hassle. Replacing an alternator isn’t that difficult, but it can be depending on what type of vehicle you have. For an older vehicle, the repair is quite easy and involves little more than a socket set and a belt. 

4. Needing More Gas 

If your fuel efficiency starts to drop, you will end up having to gas up more often. This can happen because modern vehicles use sensors to determine the fuel to air amount. If those sensors wear out or get dirty, you can be using more fuel than your vehicle needs to operate. 

There are a few other options, but each one of them can be even more difficult to fix. If you notice that your engine is burning gas way faster than it used to, it is a good idea to take it in and have it looked at. A mechanic will be able to plug in your car and figure out what is happening without any trouble. 

5. Overheating Engine 

This is one that everyone has seen on television and in movies if they’ve watched a show set in the desert. The reality is that it can happen anywhere, and at any time of the year. Modern vehicles will often give out warning signs, but sometimes a problem with show up without any warning. 

If the engine overheats, it can cause incredible damage and even destroy the engine. You can find out more by clicking the link and researching it. Not every time a car overheats is it dead, though, and sometimes it can be a very simple issue of a thermostat that can be easy to replace. 

6. Warning Lights on the Dash 

This one happens to everyone at some point or another. The computer inside your car has a complex array of sensors and monitors the function of your engine constantly. Sometimes those lights come on because of a serious issue, and other times because of a glitch or even a faulty sensor. 

If this happens take your car to a mechanic. It is very difficult to tell what could be wrong with the vehicle. Having a professional diagnose your engine and see what codes it comes up with is the only way to make sure you get a repair if needed. 

7. Dead Starter

For a lot of people, the first time they realize they are having car issues is when their car refuses to start. If the vehicle fails to start but seems to be trying to, the starter could be the issue. Other times when the starter goes out, you won’t hear anything but clicking when you try to start the engine. Sometimes you’ll hear nothing at all. 

While it could be an easier problem to fix like a dead battery, broken starters are a common car issue. Unless you have the mechanical knowledge to fix a starter, taking it to a professional mechanic is the best way to deal with this problem. 

Car Problems 

There are a host of common car issues that you should be aware of. These issues can ruin your day, and even get you in trouble at your job or school. One of the best ways to lower your chances of being affected by these problems is to always practice proper maintenance on your vehicle, this including the maintaining of the interiors, for this using car-details services which specialize in this field.

Make sure the fluids and oil are full, and in the case of oil regularly changed. Failing to do so, or to address many of these common issues can lead to very expensive damage.

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