Want To Know How Good You Are On Your BMX Bike? This Sensor Could Help

Go big or go home. Ride hard, or ride home.

Let’s be honest, you love BMX bikes but you’re still an amateur practicing hard for “the slide”, “Wheelies”, “Stoppies”, “Bunnyhops”, or “Jumping”. And of course you don’t always have a friend to give feedback about your performance — also, you don’t want to be laughed at after any fall, right? So, what are you going to do in order to improve your BMX Bike techniques?

1661628_10203207318850797_1950142664_n_blowupThere is a startup that could help you. Iddo is the world’s first startup to invent BMX Bike sensors to measure, track, and analyze every single movement during a ride. Made out of high-grade aluminum and CNC machined for strength and to keep the weight at only 0.1 lb, the Iddo BMX sensor links with a smartphone app through Bluetooth, helping you track your performance, share your achievements, and challenge your friends for a friendly competition. The sensor includes a built-in GPS, precision altimeter, 9-axis trick sensor, ambient light sensor, temperature and humidity sensor, and a battery life of up to 10 hours.

maxresdefaultSo how is it going to track your performance? Apparently, the BMX sensor tracks your laps, including speed, time, trick time (air-time and manual-time), weather conditions (temperature, humidity, and ambient light), max speed, max height in air, and location. If you want to challenge or accept a challenge from your friends, a quick switch to Ghost Challenge mode will let you start your show time. With Challenge Yourself, you can pick a previous lap you did and try to beat it. More importantly, the sensor will let you analyze your results on a graph in order to figure out where you could use some improvement.

iddo-bmx-trackerSeriously, it’s an amazing sensor that you should have. The sensor keeps track on all popular tricks, such as table, invert, manual, nose-manual, bunny-hop, front flip, back flip, tail flip, 180, 360 and up to 1080. More tricks will be added in future releases. It keeps a history of your tricks, determine the accuracy of each trick, see how high you jumped, know how long you kept your manual, and the distance you made it. Wacky!

But, the future of Iddo depends on its audiences. The company is running an Indiegogo campaign to take pre-orders on its BMX sensor. For $157, you can be one of the first riders who have this damn cool sensor with 12-month Premium App access. Delivery is expected in September, 2015.

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