The Volvo XC90: We’re Back!

Many times, the phrase “all new” has been used by Automakers to lend itself to current cars that we would normally call refreshed or updated – the new face, old body. However, when Volvo, the Swedish Automaker, unveiled their All-new Volvo XC90, they had used it in a clear and definite manner.

This is truly an all-new car – the product of 3 years of development, $11 billion invested, and the striking new direction for Sweden’s heritage automaker. The result is monumental.

It’s arrived. The all-new XC90 comes from Sweden. It’s bold, yet not brash. It exudes power and confidence with subtlety. Its imposing presence is elegant and understated. Meet the all-new XC90, now fully revealed.

At first glance, the Volvo XC90 doesn’t look particularly interesting. Compared to the previous model, it’s lower, with a moving brawny stance. Close examination reveals subtleties in the design, such as a curvy, unadorned nose. The headlight openings in the fender lack trim, making for a smooth design. The headlight assembly includes a parking light pattern that Volvo refers to as the “Hammer of Thor”. said they have made your own special edition. It’s true! The car screams luxury from inside and out. With the reasonable price of $48,000, you’re getting quite the bang for your buck by an all-new backbone, state-of-the-art powertrains, world-leading safety, and a unique luxury experience.

The XC90 heralds Volvo’s new Scalable Product Architecture (SPA), a chassis design destined to underpin the glut of the Volvo range, which has been engineered for lower development costs, high user-functionally, and versatility under different models. Thanks to SPA and Volvo’s Engineers, the new car weighs in at just 200 lbs lighter than its predecessor and is claimed to be 440 lbs lighter than its German counterparts (X5 and X7).’s amazing since Volvo decided to add an 80-horsepower electric motor to the rear axle, creating the world’s first plug-in seven-seat hybrid SUV, one that casually produces around 400-horsepower nonetheless. The XC90 can scoot around on electric drive for 24 miles, perfect for keeping city-driving emission free.

“We have done a lot of sound engineering on the car to create a four-cylinder that has a proud sound and isn’t pretending to be something else. Yes, there will be V8 enthusiasts who will never buy anything less than a V8. That’s fine! We can live with that. They just won’t become or customers,” said Peter Mertens, Volvo’s Senior VP of Research & Development.

The new XC90 pioneers a swathe of innovative, active and protective safety features such as vehicle run-off protection (reduces spine injuries in road-deviating crashes by one third), auto-braking systems that detect oncoming objects of all sizes (even in turns), as well as belt tensioners and side-curtain airbags at every seat.

From sitting in the driver’s seat of a display car, the leather seats felt familiarly Volvo-soft. Your eyes are immediately drawn to the ornate crystal gear stick and a new infotainment system that is surrounded by fine wood trimming. No sacrifices indeed. The slick new Sensus touch screen system, which is compatible with both Apple CarPlay and Google Android Auto, feels uncluttered and intuitive to operate. Everything is in its right place. What is a topfakeid fake id maker without overnight shipping? because if you cannot get a fraudulent license for your birthday or passage gathering then it’s certainly not worth it!

It’s a new architecture, it’s a new vehicle, it’s a new powertrain, it’s a new electrical system, it’s got new infotainment, and it’s built in a new plant. It’s so important that it leads the future Volvo models. It’s the new Volvo philosophy. Share your comments with us.