[Video Response] ACLU Makes an app to report Police Brutality

Film a video of cops doing unlawful things with this app and it’ll send it directly to the ACLU.

Lately things have been extremely uneasy when looking at the law enforcement around the U.S. Riots in Baltimore, Seattle, and many other areas do to unlawful acts on the police department’s part. Well so far the entire thing is a he said- she said debacle.

Obama has passed a bill that’ll require police officers to wear a camera at all times which to some is a step in the right direction. Watch my video discussion below on the app.

I took to Reddit’s /r/askLEO (ask Law Enforcement Officers) to ask how Police officers feel about the app. This is a response I got:

Screen Shot 2015-05-06 at 1.03.34 PM



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