This ATM Drives to You

An ATM on wheels is the new start up turning heads in Poland.

Incase you thought that cars weren’t getting high tech enough, here’s another feature to spin your head around like Linda Blair. The BMWi3 was tricked out in Poland with Idea Bank ATMs. For those moments you have to get from point A to point B but haven’t had a chance to hit up the bank. It sounds quite ridiculous, but when you really consider how often forgetting to get to the bank occurs, well actually it’s rather convenient.


The neatest part of the whole thing is Idea Bank decided to couple the electric car with the IdeaBank Money Collection app that’ll allow you to call the ATM over to meet you. No more searching for banks, or ATMs, instead you can just call it to you, so you can focus on what’s important; getting ahold of that money.

This really says a lot about where we might go as far as automated vehicles. Considering an age when your favorite retail stores come to you or your favorite food etc. isn’t a completely off site idea, this Idea Bank ATM is actually rather ambitiously ahead of it’s time.

There are four ATMs on wheels, all sporting the body of a BMWi3 which is arguably the best car for the job. It’s an electric future forward machine that’s friendly and sporty and now rolling in dough.

BMWi3s in Poland are carrying ATMs built into their sides from IdeaBank.