Uber CEO Placed An Order Of Half Million Autonomous Teslas, Delivering By 2020

Send me a safe, reliable, and affordable cab. A self-driving cab perhaps.

Why Tesla instead of any other car? Because Uber CEO Travis Kalanick is a big fan of the company? Maybe, but when it comes to a business decision, I believe he would consider more than just “buying my favorite products”.

“If Tesla can build a fully-autonomous car by 2020, Uber will place an order of 500,000 cars.” That quote comes not directly from Kalanick himself, but from Steve Jurvetson, an early Tesla investor and board member. He claimed that this statement was announced at the recent Top 10 Tech Trends dinner, hosted by the Churchill Club.

Elon_Musk,_Tesla_Factory,_Fremont_(CA,_USA)_(8765031426)Although this statement is unofficial, we have reason to believe it’s on Uber CEO’s mind already, especially since Elon Musk once said that he has been driving to work using the autonomous feature in his Tesla Model S. The technology seems to be ready and is waiting for the greenlight from the DMV.

Less than 5 more years to go!

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