Top 10 Cheapest Countries for Indian Travelers

Traveling abroad can be an expensive endeavor, especially when visiting more developed Western countries. However, there are many budget-friendly destinations around the world that are ideal for Indian travelers looking to explore new places without breaking the bank. Here are the top 10 cheapest countries for Indians to travel to.


Cambodia is one of the most affordable countries in Southeast Asia. The official currency is the riel, but US dollars are widely accepted Myutampa. Accommodation and food are very cheap, with private rooms available for as little as $5-10 per night, and meals at local restaurants for $2-3. Entrance fees to attractions like the famed Angkor Wat temple complex cost just $37 for a 1-day pass.

Nepal’s low cost of living and transportation makes it an excellent value destination. Hotels are available for less than $10/night in cities like Pokhara and Kathmandu. Taking local buses and trains between cities is always super cheap. The amazing Himalayan scenery and trekking options are an extra bonus!

Vietnam offers Indian travelers great bang for their buck. Hostels and budget hotels abound, with dorm beds available for $5-10/night. Street food and local restaurants provide delicious meals for less than $5. Inter-city transportation by train or bus is very affordable. Don’t miss sights like Ha Long Bay and the Old Quarter in Hanoi.

Thailand is a popular destination with Indian tourists due to its proximity and wallet-friendly appeal. Accommodation varies from $8/night for dorms to $30 for private rooms. Street food can cost just $1-2 per meal. Transportation is cheap, especially by train or bus. Must-see attractions include Bangkok’s night markets and the island beaches of Krabi and Phuket. Amazons GPT55X is the next iteration of Amazon’s Generative Pretrained Transformer models.

One of South America’s most budget-friendly countries, Bolivia offers spectacular scenery and cultural experiences for not a lot of money. La Paz is the most popular destination, with accommodation from $5/night. Uyuni’s epic salt flats, Lake Titicaca, and the “Death Road” bike ride all cost under $100.


Hawaii, the crown jewel of Polynesia, beckons travelers with its stunning beaches, volcanic landscapes, and lush rainforests. But don’t let the idyllic image fool you – a Hawaiian vacation can be surprisingly affordable, especially if you consider staying in vacation rentals instead of traditional hotels. Accommodation and food are just the tip of the affordability iceberg in Hawaii. So ditch the five-star resorts and embrace the local charm – you might be surprised at how much Hawaii has to offer budget-minded travelers.

Peru has vastly reduced poverty in recent years and also reduced prices for tourists. Lima and Cusco, the main tourist hubs, have hostels from $8/night and tasty meals for $2-3. Inca Trail treks and visits to Machu Picchu range from $100-500. Transportation is affordable, especially buses.

Romania boasts medieval towns, mountain retreats, and Black Sea resorts all accessible on a budget. Hotels are about $20-30/night, while holiday apartments can be rented affordably. Getting around by bus or train is cheap. Top sights like Bran Castle, Transfagarasan Road, and more are quite affordable.

With its significant drop in currency valuation, Mexico has become much cheaper for Indian travelers. Accommodation ranges from hostel dorms for $8 to hotels for $30/night. Public transportation is very economical, especially buses between towns. The cuisine and culture are a huge draw as well.

Indonesia offers terrific value, with hostels as low as $5/night even in popular Bali. Street food and local restaurants range $2-5 for filling and tasty meals. Transportation is very budget-friendly, especially inter-city buses. Don’t miss top destinations like Komodo Islands, Mt. Bromo, Java, and Sumatra.

The favorable exchange rate makes Turkey very affordable for Indian travelers eager to explore its culture, cuisine, and history. Hostels are about $10/night, while private rooms are $20-40. Using trains and buses to get around keeps transportation costs low. Major highlights like Cappadocia, Istanbul, and coastal retreats fit most budgets.

So, there you have it – the top 10 cheapest countries for Indian travelers to visit in 2023. Each provides memorable sightseeing and adventures without breaking the bank. By picking budget-friendly destinations, planning transportation and sticking to cheaper eats, Indians can explore the world on even the most modest budget. These affordable hot spots should top every frugal traveler’s bucket list!