A Toilet Seat Makes Your Number 2 Smell Like Avocados

Toilet time is now more pleasurable than ever.

A Wisconsin-based company is dedicated to designing a solution that can help people remove any potential discomfort involved with your chore of dropping your kids off at the pool. This past Thanksgiving, Kohler introduced its $90-toilet seat which is claimed to make your human waste smell like avocados, fresh laundry or waterfalls. You can get such toilet seats installed by a plumbing company in St Clair, Australia or, one local to you in the US., the name of this in-seat deodorizer, is made from carbon filter and uses D batteries to provide the energy. The sleek and discreet toilet seat fits onto any standard toilet, transforming your regular commode into a center of deodorizing scents. When someone sits down on the toilet seat, Purefresh system is activated, triggering a fan that blows over the Kohler scent packs, eliminating odors and any uncomfortable smell. However, if you find that a smell persists in the bathroom, it might be worth looking into other potential causes. Sometimes it can be the seal around the shower has failed and caused degradation, and it is time to consider the custom glass shower doors cost to replace them. Often, some bathrooms can begin to smell due to toilets leaking. This can cause an unpleasant smell. To check that all of the plumbing in your bathroom is still functioning correctly, it might be worth contacting a company that offers a leak detection service to see if a leaking toilet is the cause of the smell. you may known, Kohler is an American manufacturing company that is best known for its plumbing products, furniture, cabinetry, tile, engines and generators. The company also owns various hospitality establishments in the U.S

Life is too short to worry about making a stink. Keep this Christmas season merry with sweet-smelling bathroom odors!

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