This Snow Crawler Will Be A Good Fit For Kristoff In Frozen 2

“You wanna talk about a supply and demand problem? I sell ice for a living. Ice is my life!” said Kristoff

And since his business just keeps growing relentlessly after Frozen 1 — well, there are some advantages of marrying a Queen you know — Kristoff finally rewarded himself with a brand new Mindsailors snow crawler. What a choice!


automotive_snow_bialy1But how did Kristoff hear about this new concept? Well, the Mindsailors Studio did a very good advertising job apparently. They sent Kristoff a brochure, which is filled with amazingly beautiful photos about the vehicle. They even wrote a very sexy introduction in order to seduce him. Let me give you an example of what they wrote: “There’s a plethora of various snowmobiles in the market. Professional, amateur, big, small — you name it. Yet, all of them can be somewhat too chilly and too windy for creature comfort lovers. Here is something more — a perfect marriage of excellent handling, all-terrain-vehicle and a closed cabin for the driver.”

Ok, you got him Mindsailors. When Kristoff went to the part “Beauty and pleasure of driving over the functionality and common sense — those are the characteristic features of a supercar and of our vehicle” he immediately decided: I WANT IT RIGHT NOW!




What about Queen Elsa? What did she say about this? Since the snow crawler is completely electric, she thinks it’s well-fit with a “Go Green” campaign that she is espousing in order to encourage people in her kingdom to switch to reusable energies, such as solar energy.



The only thing that I’m concerned about is that the cockpit is quite small for both Kristoff and Elsa to squeeze in at the same time. Well, I believe they will be working it out, since Kristoff needs Elsa to create snow for the crawler as Mindsailors Studio noted in the brochure: “It won’t come with tires!”


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