This Smart Suitcase Has One Feature That Other Ones Don’t Have: Fingerprint Lock

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A couple of years ago, I was on a domestic flight in India to travel from New Delhi to Bangalore. When I got onboard, somebody already took the spot for carry-on that is right above my seat. I, then, had to pick another space to place my carry-on. When the flight was about half of the way, my belongings were searched by another passenger who tried to steal any valuable items that he could find.

Thank God, luggages are getting much smarter, and I can travel without having to worry about  someone trying to attack my baggage. And the Space Case 1, currently raising money on Kickstarter, claims to be the world’s most advanced smart suitcase yet.

This new smart suitcase features Digital Biometric lock — fingerprint lock — Global Tracker, Digital lift-less weighing system, Power Bank, Bluetooth Speakerphone, Proximity Sensor / Anti-theft Alerts, and Personal Concierge that can be controlled via your smartphone with the Planet Traveler app.

  • Digital Bio Lock – Unlock the case with the touch of your fingerprint through biometric scanner or through use of the Planet Traveler app.


  • Global Tracker – Never worry about losing your luggage again! Know the location of your luggage at all times through the Global Tracker app.
  • Digital Self Scale – The Digital Self Scale weighs your suitcase even without lifting the case thanks to the incredible innovation and design that led the team to building the sensors into the wheels. Now you can keep track of your luggage’s weight right on the Planet Travel app.
  • Power Bank – Keep all electronic gadgets alive on a long road trip with a 12,000-mAh power bank. It comes with 2 external USB charging ports and a USB charging port in the front pocket.

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  • Bluetooth Speakerphone – Watching movies or listening to music with the handsfree speakerphone that is integrated into the suitcase. Truly amazing!
  • Proximity Sensor / Anti-theft – The suitcase will send you a text once it arrives at the carrousel. And if your belongings ever leave your area, an alert will be sent to your phone along with the case sounding an alarm.
  • Personal Concierge – See if your flight is on time? Know our gate number? Check status of car rental and hotel booking? Everything can be done through the Planet Traveler app.
  • Carry-on Interior Organization – The space Case 1 has a built-in laptop pocket and many electronics pockets made for easy access anytime, especially through security checkpoints. The built-in pockets can hold up to a 15.6” laptop.


  • Check-in Interior Organization – A built-in garment bag pocket designed to keep your suit or dress secure and wrinkle-free during your travel.
  • Worldwide 10-year cloud protection – If the suitcase has to be repaired, simply take a photo of the damage part through the Planet Traveler app. The photo will then be automatically submitted to the company’s claim center and within 24 hours the new part will be shipped to you anywhere in the world.

The Space Case 1 is made of 100% Polycarbonate, the lightest and most flexible/durable material available in the market today. Pre-ordering now will allow you to have this smart suitcase with the cost of $249 for the smallest size. The final price of the device should be around $600 to $700. Shipping is expected in November.

Connie loves to hear your feedback, so feel free to email her or add her on LinkedIn.