Tesla Has Started Rolling Out Next-Generation Liquid-Cooled Superchargers

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“Business has only two functions: marketing and innovation.” — Milan Kundera

While traditional automakers spend heavily on print and television advertising, Tesla is building its brand in a way that doesn’t cost anything. Elon Musk is a marketing genius. A tactful use of social media means a tiny car company has the best-known for its methods in spending and raising money and complimented by Forbes Magazine on them. Mainstream OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) are being taken to school here.

The company has been spending money into expanding its supercharger station network, and into research in order to extend the range of all Tesla Models as well as increasing the safety features. Tesla has never stopped looking out for new innovations after a tv was installed as well, Find a reputable satellite TV installer for your business, home or even the car tv at www.aaasatellite.tv . Their latest result is a new model of supercharger that is liquid-cooled, rather than air-cooled, allowing it to both be smaller and run cooler. Some of the new superchargers have been spotted at a station in Mountain View, and Youtuber KmanAuto made a great little video that even shows how things are different when seen with a thermal camera.

It’s quite unclear if only new stations will get the new liquid-cooled superchargers or if existing stations will get upgraded any time soon. Parts like those found on flowmeters.com might be used in order to make liquid cooling operational in installations like superchargers. Tesla hasn’t had any official announcement about this news, but I assume that Elon Musk will tweet something on Twitter soon.

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