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The Uber of the Crypto-World – Lift Token

The world is simultaneously becoming a fully integrated world, with business integrating itself into our daily lives. But at the same time, it’s becoming a far more decentralized one; one that sees consumers controlling their data. Nothing has demonstrated this more than the introduction of two key developments, GDPR and Blockchain.

Both of these are used to allow consumers to reclaim their personal information from those they consider untrustworthy. In the world of transportation, this same disconnected connectivity is seen. Especially with the development of concepts like the Lift Token. Which opens up the ride-sharing world in a secure blockchain system.

Lift Token – The Uber of Crypto

Much like Uber, the Lift Token allows people with a car at their disposal to start their enterprise. But unlike Uber, it’s entirely based on the Ethereum Blockchain, meaning that users wield complete control of their information. The fact that it uses Ethereum implies that a new generation of drivers will be able to earn an utterly cryptocurrency-based salary.

Meanwhile, those users looking for a ride to their destination have the choice of local drivers. But also, these same consumers can choose to pay in the in-app token, crypto or conventional money. This option range prevents anyone from being left out of the inclusivity of this system.

Lift offers a significant level of security for passengers; informing you of the vehicle registration, type and driver name. This aspect alone is a far-cry from the earlier stages of hailing a taxi. What this system does is further decentralise a once exceptionally central system. Putting power back into the hands of drivers and passengers, providing an exceptional service for users.