The Happy Pear opens doors in Terminal 1 in Dublin Airport

Go on, get yourself a happy pear. Located after security screening in Terminal 1 of Dublin Airport, this will be The Happy Pear’s fourth café and will open next month. The company, founded by twins Stephen and David Flynn, was build upon the ideals of community, happiness and health. 

The Dublin Airport outlet, which is being opened in association with global food service group HMSHost International, will offer a wide range of healthy food on the go, with both hot and cold breakfast, lunch and dinner options available.

A variety of things are on the menu so customers can treat themselves to a cup of Happy Pear hand-roasted coffee, delicious healthy cakes, a selection of vegan and vegetarian offerings, and signature Happy Pear sandwiches, salads, soups and hot food bowls. The menu will also feature The Happy Pear’s award-winning pesto and hummus products.

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“Dublin Airport is continually working to improve the passenger experience and the new Happy Pear outlet will be a great addition for our customers,” said Dublin Airport Managing Director Vincent Harrison recently, “We are particularly delighted to welcome a new Irish food brand to the airport,” he added.


According to Harrison, the Happy Pear brand is synonymous not just with healthy, freshly prepared food options, but also with sustainable business practices, something Dublin Airport strongly supports.

The Happy Pear, was founded in Greystones, Co Wicklow in 2004 and currently employs 120 people, comprised over four cafes, a farm, a branded product range, a coffee roastery, and a range of online courses for happier, healthier living.

“We’d like to give a massive thanks to Dublin Airport and HMSHost International for the opportunity to partner on our fourth café which will be located in T1,” said The Happy Pear Co-founders, David and Stephen Flynn. “We’re really looking forward to being front and centre amongst some amazing Irish brands that are already at the airport,” the brothers added.

“Our new Dublin Airport café is an amazing opportunity to be able to encourage people to eat more fruit and veg and to make eating healthier, easier and more accessible while on the move. We’re proud that we can say that our entire product range will be made from natural ingredients with no artificial preservatives, colours or flavourings.”

Walter Seib, Chief Executive of HMSHost International, said the company was delighted to be bringing The Happy Pear to Dublin Airport. “Alongside our global brands, we pride ourselves on successfully interpreting local high street brands into high traffic locations of airports. Extending a sense of place with an emphasis on sustainability is laying a framework for a positive experience for our guests, and we are confident that The Happy Pear will be a vibrant, and healthy addition to Dublin Airport.”

The new Happy Pear outlet at Dublin Airport will use fully compostable take-away food containers, cups, cutlery and straws. Customers will also be rewarded through incentives such as a 20% discount on hot drinks if they use a reusable cup.

Furthermore, The Happy Pear cafés donate any surplus food to local charities through the food redistribution charity, FoodCloud and coffee grinds are used by local gardeners. Happy Pear’s vans run on compressed natural gas, helping to reduce vehicle CO² emissions by more than 20% and it has also installed LED light fittings across its production facilities and at its head office. It isn’t enough for them to make sure the population is healthy on the inside, the outside counts as well. 

Image above: Twins Stephen and David Flynn of The Happy Pear with Vincent Harrison, Managing Director Dublin Airport.


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