Good Traveler

Good Traveler Program

Providing travellers and their partners with a straight forward method of purchasing carbon offsets to help make air traveller more sustainable, The Good Traveler Program also helps benefit and develop their local communities. 

With clients like Austin-Bergstrom International Airport coming aboard, who recently purchased almost a thousand metric tonnes of carbon offsets s part of their ongoing commitment to sustainable sustainability. 

The purchased offset equates to rouglhly a third of the airport’s annual carbon footprint which, according to the GT Program is equivalent to the same sort of CO2 emissions of over 6 million passenger miles. Or the annual electricity used in 150 homes. These particular credits will help fund the use of waste gas and the capturing of methane at the Rio Grande Valley Landfill Gas Project.

This isn’t the only thing that AUS is doing to reduce its carbon footprint. As an example to other airports, all of the electrical power for the buildings is generated by wind turbines. The turbines in turn are supplied by Austin Energy’s GreenChoice programme. Use of this power source has been extended from the terminal to the airfield to power aircraft support vehicles. Since 2012 the airport as prevented over 93,000 metric tonnes of CO2 from entering the atmosphere by utilizing 100 percent renewable electricity. 


Originally founded by San Diego International Airport and under the operation of the Rocky Mountain Institute, the Good Traveler Program is not just for businesses and their business partners but can be used by anyone interested in reducing their own carbon footprint. 

In today’s world where travellers and consumers have more choice than ever, the businesses we choose to work with and the systems we make use of really highlight our own commitment to the future. 

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