The Grass is always Greeneum on the other side – Cryptocurrency for the Environment

Renewable energy is whipping up a harness-able storm across all strata of society from citizens to states. It’s no understatement to talk about how revolutionary the green wave of energy will be. In its recent study, the National Renewable Energy Laboratory demonstrates this spectacular potential.

By 2050, sustainable sources of power can provide 80% of all electricity needs for the United States. But the direction taken by America places this opportunity into jeopardy, due to Trump. According to The Independent, over two-thirds of funding, it would have received has been slashed for future developments.

Greeneum is a Blockchain in the right direction for the Environment

But while the likes of the Trump administration pit themselves against it, Blockchain flies the green colors of sustainability. The era of large-scale power grids is coming to an end, with decentralized cryptos creating a global-scale marketplace. And the blockchain world has embraced it wholeheartedly, with the likes of Greeneum presenting an incredible alternative.

Based on Ethereum technology that enables ‘smart contracts‘ between peers, it opens up renewable energy to the individual. This system solves some problems that have existed with energy production for generations.

The limits of energy production now and how Greeneum solves it

The significant problems with energy production consist of supply and demand, both of which remain lopsided significantly. With supply never changing while demand fluctuates significantly, this is a problem that hounds renewables too. Winds die down, and the sunsets, meaning that the energy supply is not reliable in contrast to fossil fuels.

Greeneum strikes a remarkable balance between this supply and demand while incentivizing re-investment in renewable energy. By providing its Ethereum-based token, homeowners, individuals and companies can join a green economy. People can consider leasing or buying solar panels, or installing wind turbines, to earn green tokens for its sustainable energy marketplace.

One of the disadvantages of solar panels or other green energy is how expensive they are as viable alternatives. With green tokens, users can buy additional panels to expand their renewable usage further, putting the freedom of choice in the hands of consumers.

Go Green – How you can get involved?

Greeneum is currently going through the final stages of its launch onto the broader market as an ICO. Which will become available to buy from 30th May this year with an end to its capitalization taking place on 29th June. The blockchain is providing methods for people, companies, and countries to revolutionize their energy and go green. And Greeneum is one of many incredible steps forward on this journey towards sustainability.