Road Safety

The Golden Rules of Road Safety

Each year, over 40,000 people lose their lives in motor vehicle crashes. Many of these accidents could have been avoided. Human error is the cause of the majority of these crashes.

By practicing road safety every time you get behind the wheel, you can avoid many of the common risks of driving. Driving safely makes it safer for both you and other road users. If you’re in Alberta and preparing for your driving test, you can find valuable resources and practice materials at Keep these four tips in mind the next time you head out on the road. 

1. Stay Alert 

Driving safely requires you to be alert and pay attention. This will enable you to see other drivers and react promptly to changing road conditions. You should never drive when you’re distracted, emotional, tired, or under the influence of alcohol or medication. 

Don’t let yourself become distracted by other happenings inside or outside of your vehicle. The distractions inside of your vehicle could include your passengers, the radio, or your cell phone. Outside distractions could be things on the side of the road.

2. Follow the Road Signs 

One of the best ways to stay safe while driving is to follow all of the regulatory signs and signals. This will help you to remain predictable. When other drivers know what you’re doing, they can plan for your actions.

If a sign says to stop, then you should come to a complete stop. This gives you enough time to look out for other cars that may not have to stop. If a light turns yellow, then you should stop as this is a warning that a red light will occur soon.

3. Use Your Turn Signals 

Be predictable when you drive. This tells other drivers what you’re doing and prevents accidents. Use your turn signals to let other drivers know you’re about to change your direction of travel. 

This could be changing lanes, exiting the highway, or making an actual turn. Be sure to turn your signal off once you’ve made your maneuver. This will signal to other drivers that you’ve finished your maneuver. 

4. Change for the Weather 

The weather changes your driving conditions, and so your actions while driving should also change. Wet roads mean it takes longer to stop, so you should create more space between you and the car in front of you. Snow and ice can reduce your traction, which makes it hard to stay on the road and in control of your vehicle. 

Driving during sunrise or sunset can create a dangerous situation. The sun is shining directly in everyone’s eyes and makes it harder to see. You’ll want to be extra cautious during this time. 

Practice These Road Safety Tips

By keeping these road safety rules in mind, you can make driving a safer experience for everyone. You’ll also reduce your risk of an accident. Fewer accidents mean a lower risk of injury, more affordable insurance, and no car repairs to worry about. Unfortunately, accidents are sometimes unavoidable so finding Car insurance repair shops like RJ Don means you can get quotes for car panel and paintwork damage online.

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