Can’t Find a Hotel Room? GetMyBoat Lets You Sleep On A Dream Boat

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Are you a big boating fan? Have you just got a new boat? Are you always on, looking to find out more about boating? A lot of boaters think that when they go traveling, their time on a boat will be limited but this isn’t the case. After all, why sleep in a hotel when you can try something new? Travelers now have the option of experiencing something different outside of the traditional hotel room. We rent out our homes, vehicles, apartments, so why not add boats to the list? There have even been some people and couples that have ended up purchasing their own boat whether it be brand new or second hand from somewhere such as GraysOnline Boats as an example, to carry on enjoying water-bound holidays no matter the season, as you’re just a boat journey away from clearer skies and calmer waters!

Boat rental service GetMyBoat acts as a sort of Airbnb for boat owners. They have just launched their Sleep Aboard platform, a feature that allows boat owners to rent out their docked boats as sleep accommodations.

Instead of spending the day at the pool, why not spend time on the water? No boat? No problem.

Sleep Aboard is a boat-and-breakfast-type experience where travelers can stay aboard owner’s boats without leaving the dock. For travelers seeking a good night’s rest and unique experience, they will have more options than ever while traveling.

“The culture behind boating is incredible and diverse. Sleep Aboard is an opportunity for people worldwide to experience boating without ever leaving the docks,” says Bryan Petro, CIO at GetMyBoat. “There are boating bed and breakfasts in Newport, Miami, and San Francisco; houseboats on landlocked lakes where people want to stop and enjoy some fresh air. In Amsterdam, houseboats are popular, while in the United Kingdom, canal boats are the norm. What’s more, there is a Sleep Aboard for every budget. Some offer breakfast deliveries while others offer a boat ride as an amenity.”

In just two weeks since the launch of Sleep Aboard, nearly 1,000 boats have been added to the GetMyBoat marketplace – needless to say, this is a hot new feature.

Today, the entire GetMyBoat fleet has about 35,000 watercraft across 143 countries, and is making a once exclusive activity more accessible to the masses. With the addition of Sleep Aboard, GetMyBoat aims to provide additional accommodations during events like the World Cup or the Olympics, or even concerts and festivals that take over cities and result in over-booked, outrageously priced hotel rooms. Don’t forget though, that these boats stay on the dock and can’t be moved anywhere. They are of course great who people who are looking for a room to sleep in, but if you fancy taking that boat out then you need to look at using a different company. Perhaps going to this yacht charter in San Diego might be the right step for you. There’s something special about sailing along the sea with the wind blowing through your hair. Of course, there’s also something magical about sleeping above water, so you can’t really go wrong either way.

“We are committed to growing boating worldwide at GetMyBoat. Sleep Aboard is yet another way to reach new boaters and ensure the growth of an activity everybody should have the opportunity to experience,” says Petro. “We’re happy to introduce the feature and excited to see its impact on how the world goes boating.”


About GetMyBoat

GetMyBoat is the world’s largest marketplace for renting and chartering watercraft worldwide. With over 35,000 boats in 143 countries and 3,800 locations, there is an experience for new boaters and seasoned sailors alike. Launched in San Francisco in 2012, GetMyBoat empowers owners of every type of watercraft, from kayaks and sailboats to powerboats and yachts, to post their watercraft for rent or charter. With an app for Android and iOS users can search, find, and book their dreamboat. Go Ahead, Make Waves. And who knows, maybe you would like it so much that you will end up checking out Intrepid Powerboats for more info about your future dream powerboat.