F1 Grand Prix of China – Qualifying

Tesla Motors Hired Red Bull Racing’s Chief Mechanic

“You never really know how quick you are before you reach F1.” — Jean Alesi

But surely the upcoming Tesla models with have the same insane speeds as of those F1 cars because Tesla just assigned former Red Bull Racing Head Mechanic  to become the new Global Director of Servicing Training.

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Who is Kenny Handkammer?

He is a stuntman who has 25 years experience in Formula 1, and took the role as Chief Mechanic at Red Bull Racing. Leaving the F1 team last October after nearly three decades working at Benetton, Renault and Red Bull, Handkammer is taking a very new challenge with Tesla Motors.


“I believe I had the best years in F1. We won 13 world championships with the best people in the sport. I wanted a new challenge and I’m now with one of the biggest innovators with road cars ever,” said Handkammer.

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Fernando+Alonso+Kenny+Handkammer+Spanish+F1+2Hk45Bljx-7lHaving incredibly successful years with F1, it’s quite true to state that this guy must have loved the sound of F1 engines so much. What could possibly attract him about the amazingly quiet Tesla Cars?

Speed is what he has always loved! And it’s not just the insane acceleration of Tesla Model S — as the Model X will probably be as well — but also to boost the speed of servicing mainstream cars. It’s something Musk has talked about in the past, and Handkammer’s experience with optimization is sure to be put to good use.

Good luck Mr. Handkammer! And welcome to California.

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