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Tesla Introduced New Model S 70D — $67,500

Great news for those who have been thinking of ordering a Tesla Model S! The California-based automaker just made an announcement about its new entry-level car — the Tesla Model 70D — with dual motors and all-wheel drive system, just like the Model S P85D.

In terms of power, the new Tesla Model S will have the power of 329 hp, a 0-60 acceleration time of 5.2 seconds. It will also have a 70 kWh battery, a range of 240 miles and top speeds of 140 MPH. Other standard features are listed below:

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The new Tesla Model S 70D starts at $75,000 and qualifies for federal tax credit which lowers the price to $67,500 — therefore, your down payment will be incredibly reduced as well. And you can get further state incentives in the following states: Utah ($605), California ($2,500), Massachusetts ($2,500), Georgia ($5,000), or Colorado ($6,000).

Test-drive is available today, click here to sign up.

With the Tesla Model S 70D as a new entry-line model, the Tesla Model S 85 is officially retired, and all Model S cars are now featuring Dual Motors and All-Wheel Drive as standard.

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